Our Policies


Our Environment and Climate Policy

Oltan & Koleoglu Energy, whose mission is to invest in environmentally friendly and renewable energy resources in order not to destroy the soil and nature, which they earn from the soil and nature;

  • Transferring a clean and healthy environment to future generations
  • Using natural resources with maximum efficiency in all processes
  • Prevention of environmental impacts and risks at source in all our processes
  • Implementation of the circular economy approach
  • Prioritizing the sustainability approach and combating the climate crisis,
  • 100% fulfillment of compliance obligations of legal regulations
  • Conservation of natural ecosystem environments and biodiversity
  • Increasing environmental awareness of all our employees, stakeholders and society
  • Operation of a policy in line with the UN standards for Our Common Future

With the above-mentioned principles, we work with all our strength to be among the leading organizations of our sector by managing our activities in an integrated manner with our Quality, Energy, Occupational Health and Safety, Greenhouse Gas Management Systems, Sustainability approach and Global Business Ethics Principles.

Our OHS Policy

Working in a healthy and safe environment is one of our most basic human rights.

Our main purpose in occupational health and safety is to identify situations that may harm the health of our employees and to take the necessary precautions in a timely manner, to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases, to provide a comfortable and safe working environment, to protect the mental and physical health of our employees.

In this framework, by applying the “Occupational Health and Safety Management System”, our systems are continuously improved by periodically reviewing and monitoring their performance.

• Working safely is a prerequisite for working within our company. Therefore, our company asks all its employees to work safely.

• All managers within our company are responsible for the occupational health and safety of all employees, stakeholders and visitors under their management or control.

• By creating Occupational Health and Safety Management Programs, important occupational health and safety risks are revealed and targets are set for continuous improvement.

• On Occupational Health and Safety, Basic Performance Indicators are measured and reported.

• All incidents and accidents that occur during our activities or that may result in injury are examined and necessary improvements are made to prevent their recurrence.

• All of our employees, stakeholders and visitors in our fields of activity are provided with the necessary skills and competencies related to occupational health and safety through information and training programs, and it is ensured that they increase their personal awareness.

• We act responsibly and responsibly towards occupational health and safety issues, information and public sensitivities that are on the agenda, and by working together with all our stakeholders, the development of health and safety culture and the development of standards are ensured.

Our Human Resources Policy

Oltan & Koleoglu Energy aim to contribute to the employment of the country by increasing the existing workforce productivity by investing in its employees.

In this direction, Oltan & Koleoglu Energy manages human resources processes with understandable procedures that include the application of all legal and legal requirements, performance measurement and evaluation, career planning, and recruitment.

One of the most important goals of our Human Resources Policy is to make Oltan & Koleoglu Energy a preferred company to work with. In line with this goal, in Oltan & Koleoglu Energy;

  • Employees’ justice and equality of opportunity are observed,
  • A suitable working environment is provided for the employees to be productive,
  • The needs of the employees are taken into account in order to achieve successful business results,
  • Performance of employees is monitored and evaluated,
  • Employees are encouraged to be successful,
  • Professional competencies of the employees are increased and career planning is made with promotions.
  • Qualified manpower is followed through universities, talents are discovered and opportunities are given to young people.

All human resources practices are shaped by the principles of equality and transparency, increasing the sense of belonging, internalizing the corporate culture.